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My favourite form of commuting is walking, especially if I am able to listen to an episode or two of a great podcast while I’m getting from A to B. I get to reflect on the content, learn new things while also taking in the sights and sounds around me (Sydney weather also helps, as … Continue reading Podcast blog

Recent guest blog

I recently had a blog post featured on my university blog for Higher Degree Research students. The post, Identifying the skills from your PhD that are relevant for your future career (whatever that may be), discusses recent research on transferable skills for science PhDs. "Every PhD student is probably sick of hearing about, ‘transferable skills,’ … Continue reading Recent guest blog

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The informatics challenges of chronic disease management While the infrastructure of our health system is built around hospitals caring for people with acute illness or injuries, there is increasing pressure for services that better respond to the needs of people with chronic conditions. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental health conditions and respiratory … Continue reading Research blog

Research blog

Considerations for the future of the health services research field As I near the end of my PhD, a lot of my thinking has inevitably shifted to my future career direction and where and how I want to use the skills and knowledge in applied health services research I gained through my PhD and my … Continue reading Research blog

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In 2018, I am making a conscious effort to try and increase my reading outside of PhD work. I've mainly been drawn to non-fiction books and wanted to write a short review on the top 3 books I've read so far in 2018. An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can … Continue reading Reading blog

Recent guest blog

I was fortunate to have a blog post featured on the Thesis Whisperer in April 2018, a blog I have read religiously since 2016. I was inspired to write this post after transitioning from full-time work to full-time PhD study to express some of challenges I experienced and strategies I developed. "During the early days … Continue reading Recent guest blog

What do people with high care needs actually use their private health insurance for?

There has been a lot of media attention on the role of the Australian private health insurance industry recently with reforms to the sector announced in October. These reforms aim to increase the number of people taking our private health insurance particularly young people, introduce a rating system to make policy coverage clearer for consumers and … Continue reading What do people with high care needs actually use their private health insurance for?