A theme that has run through my professional career has been a focus on the collection, use and usefulness of data. How can data inform policy and practice in health? After more than eight years in roles in which I supported others to collect and use data, I felt it was time to get some hands on experience of my own.

Like all parts of society, health and health care are becoming more data-centric. The promise of big data transforming the way we do health care through personalised and precision medicine is exciting but I feel like there there is much more we can do to improve access to care and make regular routine care better. Too many people forego access to health care because of the cost. There are many social and environmental factors impacting of our health status that if addressed, could prevent or alleviate chronic disease and disease symptoms.

My PhD research aims to understand how we can better care for people with high care needs, in particular chronic conditions, in the Australian health system which has a complex mix of public and private health insurance and public and private health care delivery. The role of data and data sharing is a central theme.

On this site, you can find out more about my research and the projects I am working on. I’ll include information on my publications and will occasionally blog about topics that are of interest to me.


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